Spingarn Alumni Association Inc
P.O. Box 31173, Washington, D.C. 20030-1173

Giving Back To Our Alma Mater

In 1994, Francis W. Smith and George D. Williams were attending a funeral for a Spingarn alumnus, Joseph Goffney. As they reflected on Goffney's life and the time they spent at Spingarn, they realized that the only time that Spingarn alumni would see one another was at a classmate's funeral. Just prior to Goffney's death, they had attended a funeral for Philander "Flop" Young, another Spingarn alumnus. Rather than let death be the tie that binds Spingarn alumni, Smith and Williams established the Spingarn Alumni "S" Club, Inc.

In May 2000, the name was changed from the Spingarn Alumni "S" Club to the Spingarn Alumni Association, Inc.

The purpose of the Spingarn Alumni Association, Inc. is to provide a vital link of support to the school in an effort to help facilitate the broadest possible student and alumni collaboration so as to encourage student leadership and enrich their educational experiences. The Spingarn Alumni Association principally intends to provide scholarships for students and alumni who desire to attend college, obtain vocational training or pursue other forms of post secondary education.

In August, 1995 the first attempt to raise funds to meet the goal of the Spingarn Alumni Association was a Salute to Dr. Purvis J. Williams (the first Principal of Spingarn Senior High School) in recognition of his dedicated and distinguished service and contributions of personal time and effort to the ideals of excellence in education in general, and students of Spingarn Senior High School in particular. This affair was well attended and was a tremendous success. The other fundraiser was in the form of a Christmas Party that was intended to bring together Spingarn alumni, and it was also well attended. Thus far, thanks to the efforts and contributions of many Spingarn alumni, the Association has enjoyed tremendous success.

Since its inception, the organizers of the Spingarn Alumni Association have attempted to locate and contact as many alumni as possible to increase membership to thereby broaden the volunteer base and increase the financial growth of the organization. However, much more is needed. We need you, the graduates of Spingarn Senior High School, to give us your time, your support, your ideas, and your areas of expertise to help us realize the vision and goal of the Spingarn Alumni Association, which is to improve the quality of life and enrich the educational experience of the current and future students of Spingarn Senior High School.